Design + Decor

We like to be involved from beginning to end to make sure your vision is realized. This includes space planning with two and three dimensional design concepts. Selection of architectural features, interior and exterior finishes, fixtures, colors, materials and paint. Sourcing or designing custom furniture, lighting, cabinetry, window treatments, wallpaper, antiques, rugs, artwork and accessories. Budget development, refinement, project management, purchasing, procurement and installation.

Custom Furnishings

HAK Design specializes in creating custom furniture pieces that are designed specifically for each project. We work directly with local craftsmen, including woodworkers, metalworkers and upholsterers, with whom we have long standing relationships. Healthy, non-toxic upholstered items are available with natural latex and organic wool, eliminating the use of harmful flame retardants and chemicals.

Lighting Design

Gorgeous light fixtures are the jewelry of the room. We are passionate about creating original lighting solutions for clients. Lighting sets the mood for the house and can be as important to the overall design as the furniture.

Construction + Renovation

Great bones are the little things that give you butterflies when you walk through the home—the sweeping view from the den, the high ceilings, or the irreplaceable details that will stand the test of time. We work closely with architects, contractors and artisans to accomplish an end result that interprets our client’s dreams.

We also partner with

Architects + Builders

We welcome partnering with industry professionals-architects, contractors, and engineers.